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How a Philadelphia Work Injury Lawyer Protects Your Interest?

A serious injury at workplace can be devastating for both the victim and his or her family members. Some types of internal injuries are not so obvious immediately. Implications emerge after a few weeks, months or even years. There are all types of protection for employees but if you do not know your rights then it is difficult to claim the benefits. Medical treatments can be very expensive, especially if you need lifelong treatments and after care. A physical disability makes you unable to earn properly and take care of yourself without any assistance from others. A Philadelphia work injury lawyer can help you claim the right amount of compensation that you are entitled to receive. What to Do after You Are Injured at Work? Immediately report it to the person in charge at your place of work. If possible, report your injury in writing. It is important to remember that there are time limitations related to the filing of work injury compensation claim. It means you cannot claim anything if you fail to file for claim within the stipulated time. This makes it important to consult a work injury lawyer as soon as possible after suffering the injury. You have to serve notice on your employer so that you are able to receive benefits under the compensation act for workers. Get medical treatment immediately after the work injury. You should get treatment even if you think it is a minor injury. Most importantly, unless you have consulted a Philadelphia work injury lawyer, do not sign any paper given by the insurance company. What Type of Injuries Are Covered under the Work Injury Laws? A wide range of work injuries is covered under the work injury law. It includes injuries related to head, back, neck, spinal cord, shoulder, eye and knee. An injury may lead to loss of limb or loss of control over the limb. Severe burn, damage to the skin, fractures and broken bones, tendon and nerve injuries, heart attacks, hearing loss, toxic exposure and repetitive stress injuries are some of the other injuries covered under this law. Eligibility Criteria to Receive Workers Compensation Regardless of the circumstances and fault, you are covered for any type of work related injury. Whether it was a heavy machinery accident, a scaffold accident, or a slip and fall injury, you can file for compensation claim. Do not believe your employer or insurer if they tell you that you are not entitled to receive benefits due to a specific rule or condition of the law. You are entitled to receive workers compensation for any type of work related injury. How to Resolve Injury Case? It is advisable to file your work injury lawsuit immediately. You have the choice to settle the case before filing the lawsuit. You can try to reach a settlement through mediation. In all these cases, it is important to initiate compensation claim process only after consulting a professional Philadelphia work injury lawyer. Any mediation and settlement requires expert negotiation. Such negotiations can be handled better by a work injury lawyer. You may not have the knowledge, expertise and experience to understand the tricks used by the lawyers of insurance companies and employers. A workers compensation lawyer working for you will protect your interests in a better way. How Much It Costs to Hire a Philadelphia Work Injury Lawyer? If you fear that you will have to pay a large fee just for consultation then you are wrong. You receive free consultation for any type of work injury case. During the consultation, your case is evaluated based on available facts. Most of the time, your case is handled on a contingency basis. It means you do not have to pay anything to the lawyer. The lawyer gets paid only if you win the case. A percentage of the compensation amount is received as fee by the lawyer. All these details are made clear to you beforehand. Always inquire if you will have to pay for any other charge from your own pocket. You can recover damages even if you are yourself partially at fault for the injury. You can claim compensation even if you are found 40% at fault for the injury. There is no fixed formula to calculate your part of culpability in an injury case. An experienced Philadelphia work injury lawyer will fight hard to protect your interests and ensure you receive highest possible compensation for your injury.

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